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Default A little Lightening goes a long way

Hi All, I'm back, on line and glad to be able to use my computer again.
We had a storm go through here late yesterday, and just when we thought it was over we got a sizziling sound with a bolt of lightening. Took a breath and said ok, I'm alive, that's good. Not long after though we found the cable modem out for the computers, two tvs not working ,and a garage door that would go up by remote, but not down. Today we have replaced 2 TVs, had the cable guy out and replaced the modem, replaced the burnt out router, and got the computers back on line. The desk top computer still won't go back on line, but is working otherwise. I'm glad the lightening didn't take everything out, but the randomness of what it did take out sure is a mystery to me. Anyway, it's good to be back on line and catching up with all of you. We will be getting super deluxe surge protectors on all our stuf after this.


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