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Default How tight is cruiseship security, especially passenger bagga

Hi guys,

With all that has been happening over here this month and of course, the bombings in Egypt at the weekend, it has got me seriously thinking about things and potential targets.

Of all the 5 cruises that we have been on recently, all being from either U.S. port sor Puerto Rico, I have never truly sensed that security is that tight.

Obviously when you arrive portside, you are required to leave your bags with the porters who are then responsible, or rather so you beleive having tipped them, to get them on board the ship for the cruiseline porterage staff to then get them to your cabin.

Does anybody know what sort of security measures are taken at this point to ensure that this huge mass of luggage is checked for any possible devices and if so, has anybody ever had their cases, baggage opened/tampered with?

I know that when you yourself come to the port terminal that you go through levels of personal security and your hand luggage goes through the usual scanning process etc and so do you, but I still feel that for any potential terrorists, these large cruiseships could be an easy target and last time ahving flow into the U.S. from Britian having to go through fingerprinting and iris tests, there seemed to be a huge difference in the security of getting into the U.S. as opposed to boarding a U.S. ship even thought an alien subject

The other thing that I realised is that the major cruising industry is owned by the U.S./Western society and we are obviously the targets for this new crop of terrorists around the world - anything seen as western culture and let's face it, beach locations such as Bali, Egypt etc are very hot with the westerners, as is cruising, could be seen as a big target, not just hitting at U.S. citizens who predominantly board these ships, but also at the curise economy which is, lets face it, a huge growth area.

I do appreciate that unlikes planes, these ships are massive, but I would still like to think the next time I cruise, that the person sitting next to me in the Restuarant, the bar, casino or even poolside, has been properly checked out as I would be more than happy to be so that you wouldn't be spending your time constantly wondering if some device is going to go off however small.

After this July, we all have to recognise that whatever colour we are, if we live in the western society,U.S. and British citizens especially, that we are all primed targets to these people and anywhere where we concegrate has big terrorist activity potential. It is just something we all need to face up to however difficult and to me, it seems totally plausible that a terrorist could book a cruise, get his stuff on board, make his bomb within the cabin confines and need I say more. Remember, these people are suicide bombers so there own mortality doesn't count - it does change the ballgame somewhat.

I truly hope that cruiseship security is now being hyped up to fbe far more vigilant even if it takes longer to board the ships, for all our sakes. What's ane extra hour or so when it is your safety/life that is at stake?????

For any one in the industry who knows, I would be interested to know as to how far the luggage is checked , once dropped off by the passengers, before boarding the ships.

Sorry for maybe being a bit scaremongering here - I am not. I am just trying to wake up to the fact that it just makes you mindful of everything around you and you must be prepared for any eventuallity in these trying times we now find ourselves living in.

Regards to all,

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