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Default Re: Re: How tight is cruiseship security, especially passeng

Hi Thomas,

Yes it has been something in the past that I had noticed having to always fly from the UK to the US first before embarking on the cruiseship and believe me as being British and therefore deemed as an alien when entering the US, there is a huge different in the security and we have commented on this as well.

But now, with all that has been happening and the fact that the whole world is aware, I am beginning to feel alot more concerned and can see these cruiseships loaded with innocent US and European citizens, many of them being British, as being a potential target.

Introducing passports has to be a good thing but they need far more than that. I am sure bags are screened before embarking the ships and I would also hope that sniffer dogs are used as well. At least, in that way, hopefully there are no potential explosives in the main luggage.

However, what concerns me more is the team of people who pack items within their main luggage that can then be used to make a potentially lethal weapon but seems innocent whilst in the baggage. What happened here in London last week was bombs made from bits and pieces, but thank god, not made correctly otherwise it would have been a very different story.

Let's all hope that the cruiselines step security up now. WE all have to be together on this.

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