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Default Bermuda by land not sea

We flew to Bermuda last Thursday morning from Newark airport. Just a comment, Newark has to be the worst run airport in the US.
We have cruised to Bermuda twice and this was to be a different experience. Most of the days we were there we encountered either no ships , arrival day for ships or departure day for ships. We stayed at the Oxford House in Hamilton. Located on Woodburne St. about a 3 block walk to the "birdcage" on Front Street. Oxford House is a Bed and Breakfast type facility and not new by any means. Our cab ride cost $25 from the airport plus $ 3 for bags and a tip. By the time we checked in and unpacked, the weather had turned to on and off torrential downpours. We explored Front Street as the last few Horizon passengers scrambled around town for souvenirs and cursed the weather.
The big news for anyone who has ever travelled to Bermuda was the closing on Saturday the 23rd of Trimminhams and Smiths after 160 years . These two shops, which dominated the retail space on Front Street, closed their doors in favor of Bank of Bermuda (now HSBC) renovating them for office space. Downtown Hamilton was humming on Saturday with all the locals headed their for a last goodbye and a last good buy.
Dinner was at a local restaurant/bar called M.R.Onions (not Mister Onions but "Emme" R" as in "them are" Onions (an onion being a native of Bermuda). It is three blocks up Par-La -Ville Road. About 5 blocks from the docks in Hamilton. We had a great fish dinner, early bird special and several great rum punches. Food in Bermuda is not cheap and bill always includes a 15% tip .Relatively speaking this was a very affordable meal. (and yummy). More later.
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