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Default Re: Thongs on conquest March 21st

American cultural norms?
Whose American Cultural norms?

Are you planning on enforcing American
cultural norms on foreign beaches when
you go on the excursions?

Please dont claim to speak for all Americans
I live in South Florida(the english speaking part)
and thongs are acceptable unless you are selling hot
dogs(no Im not kidding).

I would advise that the thong should only be worn
on the sun deck and a nice sarong should be used
to cover up off the deck.

Children? I was 12 when I was travelling in france and germany
and saw topless women at the beach....they dont tell under 18
children to get off the beach. They tell them to get over it. If you are
travelling in other countries with children and have not yet had this talk with your are WAY overdue. Topless beaches are the norm in many western countries.

HOWEVER that being said

I personally dont want to see
1) Guys in thongs- not because its indecent but because guys have
weiners and thongs dont hide them enough. Most thongs hide
the girls parts just fine.
2) Fat people in thongs...thats just wrong.

I also dont find thongs on a woman particularly alluring.

As for kissing and PDAs....

I would hold to the same standard for same-sex as mixed-sex kissing.
People dont want to see people in general making out in public because it
makes them feel miserable that they dont have someone to make out with.
Its like being that jerk when he was 9 years old was showing off his toys in
front of the poor kids who didnt have any toys.

Im being serious here, even if youre not being offensive respect the feelings
of others by finding a secluded spot to make out in and dont smack your lips
when you do sounds like your chewing your food with your mouth open.

A quick peck is fine. Honeymooners romantically
kissing get a free pass as do senior citizens just because its so funny.
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