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Default Cruise Marketing Folks Are Doing Their Job

the "we can't afford to cruise" segment got me thinking on how effectively the cruise folks are in luring folks to cruise that might not know really how expensive it really is. If you really stop and think about it..the image in the early part of the century about cruising was that it was "only for the rich" and now the marketing foks have put the spin on it that "everyone can afford to cruise and act like they are rich because they can cruise"..I think there is a segment of this board that cast judgement on others desire and ability to want to cruise but don't take into effect how seductive the cruise lines have made it.

Think of this companies are the absolute masters of seduction of getting people to buy more car then they can afford (rebates, incentives, employee discounts, 6 year car notes etc.)..People find themselves into a "negative equity situation" where after 2 years into a 6 year loan, they owe more then the car is worth. I don't buy new cars anymore. I wait for 18-36 months and buy thru a broker off a return lease and save lots of $$$ (more then off sets the new car feel).

Cruising is the same way. They (cruise lines) make it real easy (cruise line credit cards, low $499 cabin rate), but never show the hidden cost (air, onboard stuff etc) which adds up quickly and often is more then the cruise itself.( I bet Dave the Wave's next cruise that each cruise line has a goal of onboard revenue by cabin type to exceed by a % of the cost of the cabin) People want to live that fantasy of cruising and will sometimes stretch beyond their limits to do it. If thoses poor folks follow these boards and read about how some folks take 2-3-4 cruises a year they may not be aware that not all these folks have great discretionary income, many work in the travel industry (TA, airlines, retired etc). This does not make anyone a "bad" person because they elect to cruise when they might not be able to afford it.

I just did not like the way that particular thread was heading. The cruise lines do a heck of a job of seduction and we have all been seduced by someone or something in our lives
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