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Default Re: Cruise Marketing Folks Are Doing Their Job

There are advertising agencies world wide making MILLIONS of dollars to come up with ad campaigns to part us from our money in all kinds of ways.

The bottom line is people have to be responsible for how they CHOSE to spend their money. It a somewhat normal reaction to want to buy everything that "glitters" at us. But that doesn't mean it's possible or realistic.

Cruises are a pretty major vacation investment, and it sometimes shocks me how little people research them before making the decision. This is evidenced pretty convincingly by the large number of posts you see from people saying... I just booked the XXXXX , what can you tell me about it? They should be asking that question BEFORE they book.

I didn't take my first cruise until I was 44 years old! It's not that I wasn't making a nice living already, and didn't go on vacations. BUT... the reality was we were raising a family (which took money), purchasing a home, a car, education and all the things that go along with a growing family situation. Our vacations were mostly driving family vacations, of a less expensive nature.

We began to cruise once we felt our family situation was stable and established. We researched our first cruise, and each one to follow, quite thouroughly before we entered the market.

I think sometimes people simply want too much immediate gratification, rather than waiting until they can afford (both financially and in terms of maturity) more of life's luxury items.

It's way too easy to say "THEY made me do it!", and blame someone else for our bad decisions. People need to make SMART decisions using the brains god gave them!

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