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Default Re: Re: What is your heritage?

Hi guys,

Believe it or not, I am a true Great Briton!!! My father is 1/2 welsh and Irish and my mother 1/2 english and scottish so I am 25% of each. As for my grandparents and their blood heritage/parentage , I cannot be completely sure so could be more diluted.

Having said that I have very dark hair but very blue eyes so am constantly told that I look very Irish and I do take after my father's side of the family who all have the blue eyes.

Strange that as my mother and all her side had/have very dark brown eyes and I was always under the impression that genetically brown eyes were more dominant than blue!!!!, but my two brothers also have inheritted the blue eyed, dark haired look as well so from the looks deparmtment, it would seem that the irish gene has been more dominant (hopefully not in the brains department though - joke, joke) To some people, we are even asked if we are italian, meditteranean due to the dark hair.

Rollerdonna, I was born in Chester which is on the border of England and North wales and my paternal grandfather came from Dublin and settled in Liverpool where he met my grandmother who was welsh.

My maternal grandfather was English and lived in Chester all his life whilst my maternal grandmother was born in Edinburgh and moved to Chester as a teenager.

Very interesting and it has made me think to try and found out more about my great grandparents and their origins.

My DH beleives that he is 100% english born and bred.

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