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Default Re: For Those With Sons (or daughters) Going Off to College

We went through this two years ago. Our daughter, our only child, our miracle baby, left for college. She had been our entire life . Everything had always evolved around Tiffany.

We had major adjustments to go through, rediscovering our relationship, finding other interest beyond being concerned parents. We found ourselves watching VHS tapes of her younger years a lot laughing and noticing things in them we never did before.

It is hard and many nights will be spent missing him or her . We just tried to tell ourselves that we raised her to know the difference between right and wrong .She would be fine. And she has been.

We noticed into the middle of year one, When she would call she had a homesickness sound to her voice, although with each call she seemed even more mature . She was working through problems on her own, you then have a feeling of success, that you have raised this precious child into a young adult. That is when you really feel proud of yourselves. You felt proud when he/she walked up for High School graduation, you felt proud when they received that academic scholarship for college, but the greatest rewarded feeling is when you see that they are using wisdom you instilled in them to go about their life on their own.

When they come home for holidays it seems you go through the whole process again, when they leave. Although each time it does get easier.

We both emerged with a real sense of accomplishment, new found interest, and quite a bit more spending money!
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