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Default Re: They DID Make us Leave the Ship:(

I have been on the ship twice once to Bermuda and the other this past Christmas. The Bermuda trip was excellent. The Christmas trip was a 10 trip and it did get boring on board. Not enough activities to do. This is the smallest of the Radisson's ships now.

The cabins are huge. The food is excellent. Free sodas, during the day out of a can. And free wine with lunch and dinner. And a stocked mini-bar and no tipping. Service is excellent on the ship from the captains down. My only complaint is the activites on board are not up to what one should expect on a cruise ship. The cruise director just did not have his activities planned- I wanted to planned them for him. It is a holiday season- do a ton of activities.
I never ever felt closed in on that ship. We have been on the Mariner also from the Radisson fleet. And excellent ship also- and bigger.

You must remember this is a small cruise line- not a mega ship.
I am glad that you were on board. I have been on board in Europe when the TA's did the tours and had lunch. Sorry it was not a sunny day for you to sit upstairs by the pool and eat. That is great up there.

The last time I got off that ship my bill was only 70.00 mostly from the internet and shops on board. That was with free wine and sodas during the day. We took off a 2 bottles of liquor which was free for the cabin. For the italian resturant just make reservations ahead of time.

I hope you will be able to visit the Mariner- more picks for dinning. Still want to cruise on the Voyager with Capt. Dag.

I would recommend this ship for Bermuda but this is the last year it looks like it will be going there. Next year the Navigator will be in Europe.
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