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Default Re: They DID Make us Leave the Ship:(

I have to agree with everything that Trip stated. We had a wonderful time. My daughter had never been on a cruise or a cruise ship before, so she delighted in everything she saw. She even survived the lunch. She is very, very picky eater. Trip was wonderful and asked the waiter about a chicken alternative. They obliged and brought my daughter grilled chicken with vegetables. She enjoyed it. The food as Trip stated was delicious. I also had the Sea Bass, which I had never had before. The waitstaff was very attentive, friendly and cheerful. I found the ship to be very beautiful but since I have only been on Carnival, I found it small and dark. I also missed a grand atrium and large open spaces.

It was wonderful to meet Trip who is delightful, friendly and upbeat Cruisemate. Thank you Trip for a wonderful day. Which ship is next????

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