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Default Held to ransom - have to get a bike!

Well fellow CM's, it has finally happened.

In the UK now in certain areas in the South, we are now being charged a scandalous 1 STERLING PER LITRE OF PETROL (gasoline)!!!!!!!

At the conversion rate in the U.S. of 4 litres to your 1 gallon - that equates to 4 sterling per gallon of fuel which at today's current currency conversion rates equals a staggering U.S.$7.2 per GALLON.

Now try and tell me that your fuel prices are high - WOW, it is totally ridiculous but what can you do if you need to use your car??? Basically we are being held to ransom by these oil companies as they know in the end people will pay.

What would you do guys do if and when it reaches that price?

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