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Default Re: Held to ransom - have to get a bike!

Unfortunately gasonline (oil) is a finite resource and as it is depleted the price is going to continue to increase. Americans are TERRIBLE at conserving this resource. And we have plenty of it within our borders.

What is the old axiom? Necessity is the mother of invention! You bet and when gas prices continue to rise we will see alternate means of transportation being invented. There are already fuels available which are made from soybean and corn stalks. Imagine that, farmers who have been put out of business can now grow crops again for a growth market. And the resources necessary for their growth, rain and sun, are free! Now we have to wait on engine manufacturers to mass produce engines capable of running on this fuel.

In the meantime, ride the bus, ride a bike, carpool, shop more and drive less, downsize your vehicle, conserve.

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