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Default People wanting to sit alone...

We just returned from an RCCL cruise and were walking in the dining room for dinner. We saw a nice table near the window, but were told by the waiter that the two people sitting there wanted to be alone. They were an older couple, and I guess I was just surprised that people would cruise and not want to meet new people. I mean, to me, that is one big draw of cruising, to meet new friends!

We ended up sitting at a table with (believe it or not!) the mother in law of one of my co-workers! (Yes, it is a small world!) and a newlywed couple who we plan to keep in touch with, even went to Disneyland with them the day we returned!

I just think it's a shame that people deny themselves the opportunity to meet others from all over the world, but that's just my never-to-be humble opinion.....


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