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Default Re: British students trapped in the Superdrome .....

There's been some real atrocities going on in this hurricane situation. No one expected this level of destruction, as it's never been seen before. Reacting to it immediately is difficult.
Of course, everyone would have PREFERRED to see assistance on the ground immediately.

However, the looting is another issue. I don't think ANYONE , including gov't, would have objected if people broke into groceries stores and took food and water. But, there is a difference in the actions of people stealing TVs, stereos, and breaking into homes and stealing jewerly. These are simple criminals trying to take advantage of and add to the horrorific experience that others in the area are going through.

There is behavior you'd expect for the sake of humanity.... the rest is as inhuman as possible, and should be punished. Instead of scheming to do more damage, these people could be expending that energy trying to help their neighbors. Instead rescue teams were being shot at.

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