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Default Re: British students trapped in the Superdrome .....

Stating my opinions here might get me in trouble so I will stick to factual things. The Mayor of NO has done nothing but complain he has not been given help. He has not ask for particuliar help nor has he taken charge and directed a plan. Same for the Governer. She has not made the declaration and given the order to shoot looters and criminals under the martial law. It was not until the Executive Branch of our Government took over that real help started flooding in. That 'Branch' is the Congress and the White House. Lawlessness has caused robberies, rapes, assaults, looting, and hunger and thrist. Nobody cares about anyone taking food and water and the basic necessities of life. Steeling electronics, tennis shoes, jewelry, medical equipment etc is not forgivable and those looters should have been shot and left where they are with a looter sign on them until we finish helping those that need help and recover those that are beyond help. Had this been done this lawlessness would have come to sa screeching halt and people would have been able to get some of the help they needed. NO is a huge area itself and you also have the surrounding area as well as the Gulf Coast. The order of responsibility goes up from the individual to local, county, state, and then Federal level. Those at the lower end of this responsibility failed horribly. I am not a fan of the Federal Goverment at any time under any administration interfering with the locals people but the Feds have done a very good job. Just my opinion and the facts as I have been able to find them

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