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Default Re: British students trapped in the Superdrome .....

I just think it shows how important military is. If there are not good people able to be in control, then someone else (like the thugs in NO) will take over. Its just a small glimpse at how things could be on a grand scale. I know many complain that we spend too much on military and sometimes I think that. Then I see this and it makes me step back and think about things. Maybe it is unreasonable to expect all people to act civilly and there are just some people who will always act in this way when given the chance. Its just human nature.
Or maybe if we extend a hand and spend more time/money etc.on others instead of selfishly using it to buy McMansions and $30,000 suv's then we can turn these conditions around. Maybe the attitude of "I worked hard, I deserve it" is just a notch higher than I am in terrible oppressed circumstances beyond my control, I deserve it so I will hurt others to get it. Maybe the McMansion owners are also hurting others in a way that they can not even admit to themselves.
I know that you get annoyed by what it is going on (Kimmie Girl and others) but what are you doing in your own communities to help? There are poor thug like people in England, aren't there? Are there people on the corners begging on the streets? How many people walk by them and not put money in a hat because you would rather buy a latte? Why is it okay then but taking 4 days to get to these people is such an outrage? I think people need to look inward before they start pointing fingers.
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