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Default Re: British students trapped in the Superdrome .....

Not to mention that it was impossible to even reach some people. Unless they were in imminant danger they were passed over for those that were. It is no small problem to move that many people. The locals supposedly had a plan, it went to hell in a handbasket immediately and those in charge did not ask for specific help. The wheel slowly turned up the change of command and they did not do much more and FEMA took over. They did not have the means to do much more than they did and I guess they did not want to admit it or something but the Feds such as Congress and the White House finally stepped in and said enough was enough and ordered troops in to clear the place out. We are working to assist those affected by this terrible natural tragady and that is what counts now. We can go over all the misques later and change what needs to be changed. Want to do something, donate cash to the American Red Cross. Let us not play the blame game right now. The biggest problem I saw was that martial law was not enforced Monday. That would have stopped instances like the above from happening and the needless loss of life among those suffering now.

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