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I grew up on Merritt Island, just a mile down the causeway from Port Canaveral and lived thru 10 years of hurricanes in the 60's. We missed Donna and left days before Camille...Our house was "specially built" to be hurricane proof so we would house 2 or 3 other families during them.

I have been keeping in touch with former classmates, some we have not heard from yet. They have told me that not only are there many victims of this devastating hurricane but there are many animal victims too. We've already made a donation to the Red Cross but we have been catching bits and pieces of the "lesser" victims of the hurricane. The animals (pets, zoo, water parks, and otherwise abandoned) really had no choice in this whole mess, and some of the stories are just so sad. So we have also decided to help the humane society in their efforts to assist. If I had the room, I'd probably adopt pound puppy out there, but that isn't realistic. Sorry cats, I'm allergic. So, I'm hoping we can make a little difference with a few dollars. The sites below should help if you'd like to as well. Thanks everyone!


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