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Default Have I got A Story For You

Today I worked at the junior high. We are receiving more and more students everyday, and the community has really come together. Now for the story. I was getting ready to leave a few minutes ago, and there was yelling and screaming going on......... A student came to school today, and informed the staff that she had just arrived fron N.O and needed to get into school. They Fed her, got together all kinds of clothes, books supplies, etc. Everyone was told to be extra nice, and all seemed well. These kids are arriving without paperwork, because everything was distroyed, so she was allowed to go to class. Sometime during the day, one of her new friends told her about the fact that the neighborhood had collected coats for the winter, so she complained of being cold. They took her out of class, took her to the room where they were being kept. ( It is 98 degrees today) and she tells them that these coats aren't "cool". She tells them that she needs a more up to date look, and they think okay, she's in shock and poor baby, so they tell her they will go and buy her one if she doesn't like these. Well, her mother calls to see how she did , and if more paperwork is needed. They connected her to the priniciple and tells the mom how we are there for her, and what can we do to help. The mother says, I will be there in a minute, and hangs up. Mother comes, daughter is brought to the office, and I wish I had been there. lol It seems that they are from Utah. Daughter had paperwork, and assured mom she could register by herself, so mom let her. The good news is she will probably live, bad news is she probably won't be able to sit down tomorrow at school.

She probably will get an A in current events class. lol


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