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Default Re: Have I got A Story For You

Sorry Guys got some sort of stomach thing once I got home. Freezing, so I must be sick. The age group for the school is 11-14. not unheard of to be a little older. Students not allowed to advance unless have passed certain tests. I only saw the student for a minute. She was big. Under normal cercunstances, student would need parent to register, but we are trying to get these kids in school as quickly as possible. Some are staying with friends of family, no legal docs. Parent looked well dressed and totally embarresed. I felt sorry for mom. We have some good kids in this world, but we are raising some bad ones too. They feel like world owes them. Remember when we were kids, and the story of the devil on one shoulder, and God on the other? Some of these kids have a chip on their shoulder, and not enough room for anything else. No Golden rule, No ten commandments, no guideance, except what they get from MTV. Can't remember the words to the Pledge of Alligence but know every word to Cop Killer. You do the best you can, you pray, and you hope. heard rumers about parents, don't know if they are true, father in good position, has money, but gone a lot. If this is the case, mom is like me, raised her kids alone, probably doing what she can. Pray for this child tonight, maybe she will use some of these you know what and grow up to make a difference in the world.


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