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Default More news from the Louisiana front

Mornin' ya'll,
Even though the blame game is in full force at least the people are now getting most of the help they need. V.P. Cheney is to be in the area soon and his task is to be to find out what red tape is hindering the process and cut through it. What is sad is that not only is the gov't filled with red tape but the Red Cross is just about as bad. I fully understand the need for policy and procedures but there are times when commen sense needs to be used. Ah well, for the most part things are going well. The country has been so amazingly generous, it is so heartwarming to see the outpouring of generosity. Yesterday I saw a school bus that was packed to the brim with bottled water parked at a local fast food restaurant . The fine folks there told me they were from Illinois and knew there was a need so they collected money are headed to smaller shelters in churches in outlying areas to help. Some of the assistance in those areas has been slow getting into those areas so they just decided to do something. It was wonderful to see. And there are hundreds and hundreds of those stories. Thank you America!

The mayor is ordering for people to be forcefully removed from the NO area due to health hazards but they are having trouble getting people to comply and needless to say it's a touchy issue. I don't know how that will play out because there are people who simply NOT going to do it. Guess you'll have to hog tie them and throw them in the boat. A further problem is developing in suburban Metairie and Kenner (East Jefferson Parish). They allowed home owners to re-enter the area Monday to view their homes, retrieve items and take photos for insurance purposes. Needless to say, now they can't get the people to leave. This is particularly true in areas that are not flooded or where the water is minimal.
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