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Default Re: Good Thursday Morning

Good Morning Everyone!

It is going to be a wonderful weekend. All of John's kids and grandkids will be here, and my sister and my niece might be coming too. We will have a busy time this Saturday with lots of planned activities. Everyone enjoy your weekend!

Ashley is in San Antonio right now on a tour of Lackland, where she will do her basic training for the Air Force. The recruiter planned one a few weeks ago but she missed it, so now she gets to see all the facilities, BX, Commissary, barracks, etc. It will give her some insight on what to expect. Not much, since you can never be fully prepared for what happens when you arrive, but at least her tour will be in a relaxed environment rather than seeing everything while a TI is yelling. She'll be home tonight. Can't believe she will be leaving in just a few weeks. She has already begun packing. She has a box of stuff to be sent when she is in Tech School and the rest in big boxes for when she gets her permanent duty station.

Empty Nest coming soon.

C. & J.
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