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Default Re: Good Thursday Morning

Morning All from an overcast, but still pleasantly warm Montreal. Aside from the Hay Fever, Sept. is proving to be a wonderful month here so far....

Fasteddie, wishing you and the Mrs. a very happy anniversary!
To those of you on the Glory B, wishing you a safe and storm-less cruise!
Judy, just what we need - more good news!

My son completed his first day of his new job, came home exhausted and went to bed at 9p.m.! He is working at the local grocery store doing "A bit of everything", tough work for 8 hours a day when you're not used to it! He says he prefers his volunteer job at the computer recycling place, but his first paycheck may change his mind on that!

I can't believe it's Thurs. already, I just started my work week yesterday. Good thing, because this new class of little ones is really stressful - all the crying!
Better get moving, seeya all later...


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