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Default Re: Southern Caribbean Tour Suggestions

I have notived that you have been on the Destiny & Jubilee
I would do thre Destiny again over the Jubilee the Jubilee is very old and from what I understand it is showing it's age quite a lot. You can have a good time on the Jubillee a vacation is all that you make of it and have heard the food & entertainemnt are great on both ships and the staff is what you expect however the Jubille & Destiny both do the Sothern Carr and the Destiny is Much bigger & newer . I also spoke to a carnival rep when we booked the Destiny (4/11/04) and she said the Jubuilee did so much port time not to over tax the engine ( I can't belive a Carnival would come out any say that) I also compared the price and at the time there was only $50 per per differece in price.

I have also been on the Jubilee 2 years ago and had a great time but the ship did look old then

Another thing to note they are pulling the Jubille in early may from the Southern carr to Jacksonville Fla for Bahama runs and are seelinf the ship to another line in August

I work someone who just got off the Destiny last week and said the Ship was beautiful
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