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Default Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!

Good Morning All,

Anne - wow almost six weeks into the school year! Time really does fly.
Doug - hang in there - your cruise is almost on the horizon
Bill - sorry to hear about the truckers protest. It is hard times for sure
Ed - sorry about the tooth. I can relate with the goop. With my jaw I've had to have
three sets of impressions over the last year, it is yucky.
Angela - love the t-shirt logos. I agree, I can do without the dramas
Sue - Hope Aiden can adjust soon. Never went thru that as I was able to stay home
I'm sure it is terribly heart wrenching for both Aiden and his mom (and you)!
To all you Floriday Cruisemates and Glory B sailers - I know you will be having a blast
tonight. Have a great dinner and Happy Sails.

Busy day. First P.T. Then off to church to work on crafts for the sale that we will be having at our annual Tea next month. We donate the monies to a childrens home in the Smoky Mountains.
Then off to the grocery store. I got roped into having a Body Shop home party tonight. It will be a spa theme. I guess I need to have some spa type snacks to carry out the theme. Then I need to finish cleaning the house. How does it get messy so fast?

I really just feel like sitting around in my bathrobe, drinking tea and working on a scrapbook with a movie in the dvd player - Like Pride and Prejudice - something long and familiar.

My friend brought her brand new puppy over yesterday - an 8 week old Pekinese (I have no idea how to spell it , not enough caffine in my system yet). He was the cutest thing ever. My dog was so jealous, growling and then went off to pout. Any ideas on how I can train my dog to be more welcoming. He is so jealous of anyone/thing that is near me. I spoiled him, that is for sure.

Have a great day All,
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