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Lynne &Trevor
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Default Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!

Hi There!
It's very breezy and cool in the Avon Park, FL vicinity this morning and the sun is just starting to break through. I am also drinking my morning caffeine. I need something to jolt these eyes open! The trash has put out. I should start counting how many more times I have to do that before we cruise! (12= 2x/ wk x 6 wks--too many!)

The Glory B group sounds as if it's gearing up for a very good get-together. Like AngelaZ, if I could get there, I would! I will miss seeing several of the cruisers I've seen in the past and meeting the ones who have been posting awhile. Hugs to all!!

We have the Stardusters Band coming in to perform this afternoon. They were there for the Anniversary Dance, so the Residents will enjoy them. Just wait until our new dance floor is installed! Lots of senior citizens doing the foxtrot!

Have a wonderful day, Everybody! I'd like to see baby Aidan's face when that box is opened! Lynne

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