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Default Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!

Morning All, from a more pleasant Montreal (it rained heavily all day yesterday!).
You Glory B cruisers are the envy of all of us this morning, getting together tonight, and sailing with each other for the next week! Think of us poor landlubbers, and bring back lots of pictures!
Sue, I'll bet Aiden has more fun with the big box than with the nice toy!
VTJen, you spelled Pekinese perfectly, despite the early hour, and my suggestion for your dog is to keep doing what you're doing - giving him opportunities to socailize with other dogs. My dog has the opposite problem, she has to say hello to EVERYBODY, man, woman, child and dog on the street!

I am SO glad it's Friday. Even though it was only a 3 day week for me, it was a stressful one. I'll be glad for this weekend to recover!


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