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Default Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!

Hello everyone!!!! It's Friday and it's one more day closer to my cruise!!! I swear I am gonna be bonkers by the time it gets here. My mom keeps saying that I am going to be so tired from not sleeping that I am going to fall asleep on the plane and miss the cruise or fall asleep on the ship and miss everything there. Time to be getting some Vivarin for the cruise.. WHHOO HOOO!!.. Anyway. Today is bill paying day. Also making a huge bowl of pasta salad. My neice turned 4 a couple of weeks ago and it's my brothers weekend with her so he is throwing her a birthday party. She won't know the difference. She just knows cake and presents and Granny. It's about an hours drive out to his house, he lives WAY WAY out in the country. Yes, the directions to his house include " then you turn off the paved road".. lol.. He can even go deer hunting on his back porch...It's a beautiful place. An old farm house with a little brook running through the front yard. Got it for a steal!!! 3 acres and the house for $30,000... I am jealous and proud.. Can ya tell???

Well enough of my rambling,


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