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Default Re: Fraternization Policy

We are still going strong after a month and 1/2 and exchanging many e-mails and pictures daily... He has given me his user name and password for his e-mail account and I can check it any time of the day... Besides me, it is only family and friends... He also calls me whenever he gets back into port and we exchange mail weekly through the good old US Postal Service... I seriously doubt he has a different girl every cruise... My server at dinner is a good friend of his and said he never dates and was very surprised that he was seeing me, as were some of the other officers... I am sure the language barrier plays a part of it but I am glad I have him to myself...
I am trying to teach myself his language and he is going to school to learn mine while he is off on leave... On line translation services work wonders... Sometimes life has a funny way of working out when you least expect it... I will see him in June, August and September then possibly a Halloween and New Years cruise... As his guest, I get to stay in his cabin... Right now, everything is day by day but our feelings for each other are growing stronger... I am not reading too much into the future but definitely taking the time to see what develops... If anyone has a chance to "fraternize" on board and the staff or crew will not get in trouble, I say "GO FOR IT" You never know who you can meet, or how much fun you can miss out on...
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