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Just out of curiosity, I did ask him if he wanted to live in the states and he has no desire to do so. He lives on a beautiful Island and sends me pictures of the Island daily... If I lived there, I would not want to leave that paradise to come to the Midwest of the States either... He has told me that he is in love with me but I am sure he will continue working for cruise ships for quite some time. He is only 27 and ships are in his family and in his blood... His father passed down his profession of being an Engineer to him... One day at a time for now. We are enjoying each other and who knows what the future will bring. If we have a future we will truly be blessed and I would pack up and relocate in a heart beat... If not, I have made a wonderful friend for life and it has truly been both a challenge and very exciting learning another language and learning about a different culture... On another positive note, I will certainly be doing much more cruising than I would have ever thought about or planned on had I not met him... He is waiting to find out where his next contract is so we can make plans... Life has a funny way of working out different that you plan or expect and I do not think anyone really knows what their future has in store for them... My motto is "Live life one day at a time and be grateful for what that day has brought" !!! Cheers!!!!!
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