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Default ? for Staff and Crew re: guests

Hello, I have a question for Staff and Crew both past and present...

I am going on a cruise in September as the guest of my boyfriend... He is making arrangements for me to stay in his cabin while I am on the cruise. For those of you who have had guests. How does this differ from me being a full paying guest?
Will I be required to eat in the dining room or will I be able to eat my meals with him? Will I be allowed in the crew bar and crew parties or will those be off limits? He is an Officer, will this make any difference about where I am allowed to go?
What can I expect my week to be like?
Thank you so much in advance for any and all information... I appreciate it... I am a little reserved about traveling alone and having so much time to kill while he is working... I think it would be a blast to get to know some of the other crew and see "behind the scenes" if possible...

Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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