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Thanks once again for coming to my rescue... I am so excited now that I have an actual date and ship to see him on again and not just some time "in the future". This has been the longest 5 months of my life but definitly a learning experience and most definitly worth it... I remember getting on the plane after my last cruise and bawling my eyes out and my aunt told me to quit blubbering like a baby that I would NEVER hear from him again... I thought the same thing but had an e-mail waiting when I got home... Was I ever surprised... I probaby know more about him than anyone ever in my life.... The Italian lessons are coming along if not slowly... Very difficult to teach yourself another language without someone to practice with... I walk 5 miles every night and listen to language c.d.'s... Time to buckle down and really put it to the test... E-mails I can pick put quite a few words and know what they mean but so often I copy, paste and hit translate... Shame on Me!!! Am I excited? Oh yeah! Scared? S---less!!! 9 days with someone that speaks a different language and is from a different culture will be a learning experience but at least after it is said and done we will know if this has been all fantasy on both our parts or if there is a possibility of more in the future.... My friends all think I am crazy... They have tried to set me up on so many blind dates and I just am not interested... I gave him my heart but for now he owns my soul! I say life is an adventure... Follow the path untraveled and you never know what surprises the future has in store for you... So far, it has been the most exciting few months of my life...

Just out of curiosity, do you miss working on the ships? Any plans to go back now that you have your land legs under you again?

Thanks a Million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
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