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Default Re: ? for Staff and Crew re: guests


Thanks again for all the info... I do have one more question for you if you can please help me... He e-mailed me and said he needs all my information for him to make arrangements to come as his guest. The only problem is, I am having trouble translating exactly what he needs... I know he needs my address and I think he is asking for passport information... That, I do not have, I am going to the Post Office on Monday to get one but it will take up to 6 weeks and I am going on my cruise in 61 days... I did not need a passport for the Bahamas, only a birth certificate. Do you know if I need one for Mexico? He is also asking for my ID # given at birth... I am assuming this is my Social Security #???
Can you please tell me exactly what info I need to give him to make my reservations?
Thanks again, you have been a lifesaver...

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