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Wow! I have been crusing for years on different ships and I have been in love with
at least one crew member and one staff member each time lol
but you only think its love! but its not! it is part of the Cruise!!
Those men and women that work on these ships are trained in the art of seduction
how to "please" the customer! The first time it happens you think your special
but then cruise after cruise after cruise you start to realize that there is just no way
all these men could want you! even if you are so pretty! after the cruise is over and you go home they get to meet and mingle and seduce so many other passengers every week!! Especially if you are an American women a White or light skinned american women most of these guys from other contries or from the islands just LOVE WHITE AMERICAN WOMEN because they think your Rich!! and opposites attract white women are the "ideal" fantasy for some of these caribbean guys!!! and I know that if one of the singers read this they will understand what I am saying! For example think back to all the caribbean guys who sing in the bands on the ship like the ones who sing by the pool every day!! they love flirting and most of them go right up to the girls and start talking to them making them feel as if they are the best looking women on earth!! when most of the time they are just trying to use an american girl for a visa !! for american citizenship!!!! look it happend to me on Celebrity on the Zenith and on the Century!! and I fell for it each time because you think its real at first!! But its either just for a one night stand or its just for the VISA!! but get a grip guys not all passengers are RICH!! anyway, I just had to write something because reading everyones posts brought back so many memories!! I would have loved them 4 ever and given them the life they wanted but at some point you realize its a big game for them! and you end up going home empty handed and heart broken!! and another secret I found out that if you are a pent house passenger its called " WORKING OVER TIME" some of the captains and his crew "officers" are allowed in a single man or single womens pent house for sexual favors and then they can recieve BIG TIPS!! its an added perk of being a PENTHOUSE PASSENGER $6,000 a week to live in the penthouse and you get any officer to sleep with for the night!!! this sounds hot and fun but if you have a real heart like I do its not fun when its all over and there is no one there for you the next time! only very few people find TRUE LOVE on cruise ships!! I used to think I could but now I realize its a game that I am sick of playing!! most of these guys confess that they have different women in different ports all over the world!! oh my god !! you would think they where like the rolling stones or some word famous group lol its just 5 guys from st. lucia lol and dont forget alot of these men have so many kids !! anyway, I will keep cruising but I wont be stupid this time! if someone really wants me they are going to have to go the extra mile and show some respect and show that they really mean it!! GIRLS dont be fooled!! you must be stronger !! Look out for those celebrity crew and staff members they dont follow any rules!! one of the singers asked if he could sleep in my cabin and I was on a family vacation with my baby sister and my parents sleeping in the same cabin! lol can you believe this guy??? write me if you want to excahnge more stories!!
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