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Default Re: Fraternization Policy

When I cruise I like to get "social' with the crew. find out the ifs,ands, and buts with the ship and ports. have some good conversation but that's it. The guys are always NICE and they love it because not many SBF's come on board. Yeah they think I'm RICH. and I let them think that. so needless to say I am always pampered but I set it straight from the beginning. No romance, no hanky panky. I'm here to have FUN and if you can help me do that without touching me then thanks a thousand times. Y'all (theonemermaid) better be careful. Hold on to your heart until the cruise i(yours or the worker's) is over and give yourself time to evaluate things. They all talk a good game but trust me the next cruise brings in a new set of...

that's it for my sermon. Keep Cruisin.
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