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Default Re: Fraternization Policy

I have to agree with MB , the theonemermaid does sound very sweet, very young, and very naive. I see the italian officers taking a different girl to their cabin every night and/or every cruise. They can even have girlfriends onboard and they are still able to cheat behind their backs. If somebody tell you that he never dates, then that means that he never keeps one for a long time. When you go to cruise with him, see if he lets you answer the phone in his cabin, takes you to meet all the women onboard who work with him (especially the dancers and the steiners), takes you to crew parties with him, let's you eat in the crew areas with him, etc.... then maybe you have found a good one. But I am sure that he will try to keep you separated from them, keeping you in his cabin and making you eat at the pool restaurants and going out in all the ports. But then again maybe he only chases passengers and not crew members... If your officer was on the fascination in april as an engineer (fsengine....) and he lives on an island (did he tell you it was sardinia? or one of the smaller ones near naples?), then i think that you are one of many... so pay attention. Have fun, but be prepared for the end.
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