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Default Re: Re: Fraternization Policy

Onemermaid wrote " went on a Carnival cruise over Easter and met an officer the first night on board. He did not come to my room as it was not allowed but I spent my entire cruise in his. We have kept in touch and e-mail on a daily basis. He is coming to visit me at the end of this contract and I am going on another cruise again in the fall as his guest."

Obviously, allegations of rape do happen on ships. Often by parents of teenagers who find out their kids were having a little too much fun.

To protect one's self, and officer risking a personal relationship with a passenger looks better if the passenger is in his cabin rather than the other way around. The passenger can't really say she forced her way in to the officer's cabin. It also helps if the officer's cabin is on a public deck (sometimes they are). Getting a passenger into the crew area is very risky.

But honestly, I believe it is an unspoken rule: don't ask don't tell. Mind your own business. When I was single and working on ships I personally dated four or five different passengers (and only one did I see after my contract was up).

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