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If the shipping company requires you to undergo medical exam chosen by them ... there's really a logical reason behind it, don't you think so? I worked for Disney Cruise Line for 5 contracts. Before you get hired by them, you'll have to pass thru the hole of a needle. When I applied for Disney, we were 57 applicants vying for the same position and they only had one available position. I went thru 4 interviews, 4 written examinations and a very thorough med exam. The process lasted for 3 weeks. The final interview was having to sit across 3 Disney Cruise Line officials and answering all their questions, like I was defending my thesis. If you get hired, you may consider yourself to be part of the elite or CREAM OF THE CROP. Please note that the med exam was all physical, psychological and mental. In other words, you will have to go thru their required type of medical examination ... Disney way.
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