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Like what I said, Disney Cruise Line is a very good and established company. They give out better pay than most. Of course, depending on the position. Normally, there are 2 Crew in a cabin. Each cabin has a personal refrigerator for the Crew's use; a TV with built in VHS tape player / recorder. The food is good coz they have asian cooks for Asian Crew; European cooks for European Crew; etc. Promotions are based on the Crew's performance or by Merit and not by "WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE". Usually, contracts are for 6 months (except for the Master / Captain). Vacations are usually for 2 months. You can purchase alcohol / spirits in the Crew Bar or Crew Shop. You are allowed to drink the alcohol / spirits only either in the Crew Bar or in your Cabin. Paul, believe me ... if you make it inside DISNEY, you're going to like it. BUT, don't expect that your life onboard any Cruise Ship is same as like a GUEST / PASSENGER. Afterall, you're there for the work. Crew Parties are oftenly held onboard any of the 2 Disney Ships. Also, Disney is very strict with onboard regulations. If you don't know how to handle your personal intake of alcohol / spirits ... then, don't drink. Also, sexual harassment onboard is considered a MORTAL SIN. So, be extra careful with your comments or advances, ya hear?


The 2 Disney ships indeed have IT's onboard. Unfortunately, I have very liitle knowledge on them. One thing I'm sure ... you have to be the best in this field to make it in. If you consider yourself to be one ... then, go for it!!! Good luck, Mate! Should you have additional queries, please feel free to drop me a line at the following email addies:
cruisestorekeeper@hotmail OR

Cheers !!!

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