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Default Re: Re: Fraternization Policy

OTW and Electra

Thanks a million....

As I started out having cold feet, I am soooo excited now I can not wait.... Can't sleep, can't concentrate at work. What a great feeling!
I fly into Tampa in 11 days (and counting!). I am flying in a day early to check out the night life in Ybor City... I got an e-mail confirmation from the pursers desk yesterday and it makes it more of a reality...
Electra: Is there anything you would reccomend as far as packing, anything you brought that you didn't really need or anything you didn't think of bringing that you wish you had?
What time did you have to get off the ship when the cruise ended?
Thanks in advance! Any other thoughts or advice?
God, I am sooo excited....

Thanks to everyone for your help!

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