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Well, on the bright side, suppose they discovered a medical condition that might save his life if detected early? He'd be glad they did then.

Thanks for the tips, ICEMAN. You really are a great asset to this site, I think I'll drop you a mail later and ask some more questions. I really would like to find out about the salaries these guys make....

I know for other lines all you need is an Associate's Degree in college. As of now, well, I'm just a freshman (1st year) in high school. I'm going to a vocational technical career academy focused on pre-engineering, math, and technology, so that should help a bit. I plan to go on to a good college (UPENN, maybe) and get a degree in Computer Science or Systems Management.

Thanks again. Unfortunately I wasn't able to check the boards here because I was busy with school starting up again.

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