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i have 12 years experince as a dj, having worked at most major clubs throughout australia. ive also toured as a dj to 5 countries/continents. ive also dj at a4 differnt 5star hotels around the world.

as for cruise staff, ive was the official mc and host for pepsi australia. i traveled around with the pepsi trucks (massive sound systems & skateboarding team) and mced. i also had to make up games and involve the crowd in competitions.

ive also been a MC for concerts, hyping up audiences for a number a years.

my experince walked me through the first 2 interviews.

ive been told im a shue in and just a few more formalities to go... but who knows!


anyway, i let you know how the final interview with disney goes and even post the questions they asked me on here so you can prepare if u ever get a interview.

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