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Neil Maxwell-Keys
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Alright Ant,

I think I replied to another post of yours before ref: Starboard. I'm getting a bit carried away on this board - I think I might need to get a life!

Anyway, I worked for Starboard (see previous post) for a few years. So I'll answer your questions as best I can:

1..How easy is it for career advancement with Starboard?

From personally working alongside the HR Department and DM's (District Managers) of Starboard, I can categorically state that almost all of them begin their careers as a lowly "shoppie". Even one of the Presidents of the company once worked in the onboard giftshops! I think that says it all. Just work hard, show enthusiasm and committment and you can go far in this company.

2...Is it easy fitting in with the staff being a newboy and everything?

Yes! We were all newbies once. Infact, when you've been on the ship for a while you generally look forward to new people coming onboard. It's great to see fresh faces! You'll be made to feel welcome as long as you're also doing your bit to fit in too. Hopefully you'll have a good cabin mate who'll take you around for the first few weeks, introduce you to people, show you round the ship and ports.

3....What about sea-sickeness? Having never been on a cruise before, is sea-sickness a regular thing?

I'd never even SEEN a cruise ship before I worked on one. Sure, you'll feel the boat moving for the first week or so. But after a while you won't even know when it's moving! In fact we used to have to go and physically look out of the window to check whether or not we'd left port so we could open up shop! Occassionally you'll hit particularly rough water (hurricanes, etc) but in general sea sickness is rarely a problem with crew. Besides you're working in the right department if you do get sea sick, They sell dramomine, wristbands...!

Hope this helps,

Neil Maxwell-Keys
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