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Michael Arbutina
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Default Re: What happens if someone dies at sea?

If that is a concern then I suggest that you make pre-arrangements with a funeral director or a private Cremation society. When you do this You should purchase travel insurance that will cover your expenses should you die abroad or wherever. If you die in international waters you will be taken to the nearest port, there you will be imbalmed or creamated which ever you had arranged. Here is where the world wide insurance will kick in. Assist America is the largest company that deals with the disposition AA will take care of all the paper work and arrangements to retreive the deceased and return them to there own country. I'm not plugging for AA but I have arranged my cremation and when I purchased it I had the option to buy the World wide insurance which is a one time fee.No matter where I die in the world I will retreived by AA and brought back to my family. One phone call by a family member takes care of the whole matter. Have a great cruise and just use your head about pre-arrangements , do it then put it in the closet for the rest of your life and your family will be greatful for your forsight not to leave them guessing as to what to do. Pre-arrangements must be made before AA will cover you.
Michael Arbutina
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