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michael dean ballard
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Going great thank you. I have a list of twenty five mailing addreses to cruiseline's and the agencies that hire for them (for the galley). My portfolio has finally gone out to them. Emails and online applications are totaly useless ( I found this out the hard way, but now have more respect for the people that 'told me so"). I'm at the Marriott Hotel, Newport Beach (Fashion Island), California, USA. I've worked here in the kitchens for almost two years full time after I took my first few basic culinary college classes.
I would be interested to hear what it's like to work in England and all about your classes etc.
I'm just being a hard ass about what it takes to be a Chef because here in the States they don't call you a Chef until you are a notch above lead cook. At my culinary school they would call you a "cooks apprentice" after cooking full time for 3 years and going to culinary college conccurently.
michael dean
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