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Default Re: Info on Youth Staff

Hey Lori,
I'm also an employee as a youth staff with RCCL. I just finished a contract on the Soveriegn before the Gold Anchor standards took place so I am clueless about the changes. If I'm going to be working ridiculous hours and not seeing any ports, this job is not for me. I am scheduled for the Navigator and am very skeptical about woorking. I have applied to Holland America and also Princess. I heard Princess is the best cruise line to work for and that their itineraries are the best because they move their ships around. Holland America contacted me and told me you have to be a seasonal youth staff before becoming a full time youth staff. They wanted me to work Christmas break but i declined that offer. Princess still has yet to contact me - but I heard that it's slow if not going through an agency. My friend was contacted 3 months later by them but it was too late because she was already on a RCCL contract. Anyways what is your next ship?
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