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Default Re: Info on Youth Staff

Electra- I think I remember you.. I remember Errol introducing his guest , so I think we met but very briefly. He's a great guy. As far as me being transferred, I did not have a choice, headquarters transferred me a month into my contract from the Monarch to the Sovereign. So yeh they do transfer people whenever they feel like it. I think it was because they needed another male on the youth staff , since there was only 1; on the Monarch, there were 5 males. I was just getting comfortable with the Moanrch too and just finised unpacking and then they told me I was being transferred. What sucked was that I had to be flown from LA to Miami and then meet the ship in Nassau. But I was glad I was transferred because believe it or not I think the Sovereign has a better itinerary then the Monarch- hard to believe (altough San Diego is a great port). What was really shocking to me was that I felt like I was being punished because the Monarch was just refurbished and then they bring me onto the Sovereign (the oldest ship)! I think the Sovereign has just completed it's renovations so it'll probably look as good as the Monarch. But overall, I'm glad I was transferred because I met great people. As far as the age groups- you are rotated through the age groups each cruise - 3-5,6-8,9-11, 12-14, and 15-17. I say try to hang in there with headquarters calling you back. I sent them an email asking what my next assignement was and never heard a word. I finally called them and they said to send a email. I told them I already had sent one and like maybe 2 hours later they emailed me with my assignment. So maybe try to contact them. I'm still waiting for my letter of employment in the mail and flight info, it's been about 2 months already! Good Luck!
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