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Mandy Walters
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Default Re: a girl in every port? Or cruise?

I met someone aboard a ship and totally fell in love with him. He was a bartender and it started off very innocent with free drinks for me and my friends and then developed into much more. The third and second to last night on the ship he spent time with me in my cabin after he got off of work. I snuck him in there somehow without him getting caught. And the last night on the ship he took me back to his quarters and I slept there that night. He never got caught with me as we were very sneaky. I still keep in contact with him to this day and he is soon getting off the ship. I have heard from other crew members on this particular line that say they have a girl or even two or three on every cruise however the guy that I am seeing says that is not true for him. Maybe I'm just naieve enough to believe him.
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