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Default Re: Who to send resume to RCCL-Cruise Staff

Yeah - resend everything . . . . they get gobs of letters and emails. "that name is familiar . . . "

I'd also add the types of equipment you're familiar with. i.e. name the mixers, CD players, mic systems, lighting instruments and club lighting programs.

Put the DJ gig first! Also - triple point the job descriptions
-dj-ing events- blah blah
- on site equipment set up/repair/maintenance
- facilitating event via . . . .

Cruise DJ gigs are also half cruise staff duties, so you need to chat up your people skills, emcee abilities

And you probably don't want the Carnival reference if you're sending it to RCCL ;-)

I think I got calls because of my references - the people hiring actually knew or worked with them. And it speeds up the hiring process if they already have your references name/address/EMAIL! right there.

Do you have a passport?
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